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Imagine creating a user friendly approach for clientele to reach important parts of your business, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

What's included with your Maintenance/Updates:

RORAPH GRAPHICS will maintain your site for you. Finding out what part of the world people are from who view it, how many hits a day it's getting, plus what time of day is the busiest. Also, we can check to see what people are typing into search engines to come up with your site.

RORAPH GRAPHICS can Update your site. It could be a date change, price change or you might like new colors and buttons, we can do it all for you.

From experience and research, RORAPH GRAPHICS has developed their 'packages' to offer the most common elements. Yet some web sites - whether for a home sale, artist or business will require changes to suit.

For additions beyond the 'packages', RORAPH GRAPHICS will provide a quote based on an hourly rate of $55.00 Cdn.

Other Services:
  • Flash Banners or Buttons.
  • Sound / Music Editing.
  • Custom Image Maps.
  • Animated Graphics.
  • Custom Bar Lines.
  • Custom Bullets.
  • Custom Backgrounds.
  • Custom Logos For Signs or Business Cards.
  • and much more, can be designed upon request.

With access to company logo's/graphics and basic information we will work with you in designing a winning and affordable advertising tool.

Each website is designed using a programming language known as HTML. Although the above price reflects the majority of sites that we design, if you require frames or a programming language other than HTML - the price may increase. A quote will be given to you before work begins on the your site.